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The Insider
Episode 1-13 (# 13)        Original Airdate: 1.27.02
Written by Elizabeth M. Cosin          Directed by Jan Eggleston
Guest Stars
Marty Grabstein (Pomerantz) Adam Trese (Johnny) Aleksa Palladino (Lilly Carlyle) Michael Mulheren (Gary Wallis) Jonathan Hadary (Hall Richmond) Meg Gibson (unknown) Elizabeth Reaser (Serena) Del Pentecost (Forensics Technician) Eric Millegan (Eddie Dutton) Tom Stechschulte (Frank Wagner) Robert Funaro (Vinny Russo) Andre Royo (Riley) Nicole Alifante (Crystal) Craig Walker (Pete) Rick Warner (Judge Gordino) Chris Cenatiempo (Frank Ventura) Ian O'Malley (Reporter) Dennis Ryan (CSU Technician) Jarlath Conroy (Caretaker) Marty Crabstein (Pomerantz) Dan Mason (Jack Whitfield) Eddie Pepitone (Court Deputy) Jeffrey Havenga (Wharton Carlyle)

Lylly Carlyle is taking a bubblebath, reading Rolling Stone, while her friend, Serena, paints her toenails for her. They're listening to music and chatting. Later, dressed to go out, they're about to leave when Lilly's father, Wharton Carlyle, stops them. Upset, he shows her an article in a magazine that features her with the tagline "Club Princess." She tells him it's great exposure, but he describes it as a degrading expose on her sex life. She assures her father that she didn't mean to embarrass him. Carlyle demands to know where she's going. He doesn't want her to go to the club she frequents because he knows what goes on there. He warns her that if "that so-called friend" of hers doesn't stay away from her, he'll get hurt. Exasperated, Carlyle reminds his daughter that he's on her side. As he walks away, Serena wonders if it ever occurs to Lilly's dad what a "supreme geek" he is. Lilly takes offense, and tells her friend to shutup.
At the Aztec Club, Lilly is sitting at a table on the mezzanine, overlooking a crowded dance floor, talking to Eddie, who tells her she needs to get away from her father. Eddie says that all she has to do is say the word and he'll "do a Menendez" on Carlyle. Lilly thanks him. As they kiss, a man snaps a photo of them. Lilly responds angrily, and Eddie threatens the photographer with a knife. Johnny arrives, ordering Eddie to put the knife away, and warning him that if he does that again he won't be allowed back into the club. Then Johnny tells Lilly he wants to talk to her, and leads her away.
Some time later, Lilly finds Serena in the girl's bathroom, and shows her friend a bag containing cocaine. "Let's have some fun," she says.
Still later, back in the club, both girls are feeling the effects of the coke. They stumbles out a back door for a breath of air, and sees a man beating up another, while Johnny stands by. Johnny orders her back inside. Lilly obeys. She tries to call her father on a cell phone, but he doesn't pick up.
The next day, a man carrying two oars approaches a storage building at the Columbus Boat Club. As he passes a door, he hears a girl's voice within. Putting down the oars, he opens the door and enters to find Lilly, frantic to the point of hysteria, shouting at her father to get up. But Carlyle is dead, sprawled on the floor, the front of his shirt soaked with blood.