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Thomas Anderson
Emile Lucy; "By Hooker, By Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Lori Alan
Martha; "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" (L&O 1.4)
Wayne Alexander
Clothing Store Manager; "Prescription for Death" (L&O 1.1)
Barbara Andres
Patricia Holland; "The Reaper's Helper" (L&O 1.3)
Linda Atkinson
Vitello; "Happily Ever After" (L&O 1.5)
Paul Austin
Stanko; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Erick Avari
Dr. Ekballa Raza; "Prescription for Death" (L&O 1.1)
Ravi Patel; "Floater" (L&O 14.7)