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John Battle
Policeman # 1; "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" (L&O 1.4)
Bernard Barrow
Mr. Hamilton; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Patricia Barry
Mrs. Stringfellow; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Sandra Beall
Jogger; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Doris Belack
Judge Margaret Barry; "Happily Ever After" (L&O 1.5)
Cynthia Belgrave
Librarian, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues" (L&O 1.2)
Neal Ben-Ari
Mr. Gordon; "The Reaper's Helper" (L&O 1.3)
Daniel Benzali
Medical Examiner; "Prescription for Death" (L&O 1.1)
Sherl Bernheim
Landlady; "Subterranean Homeboy Blues" (L&O 1.2)
Stephanie Berry
Nurse; "Subterranean Homeboy Blues" (L&O 1.2)
Mark Boone, Jr.
General Manager; "Everybody's Favorite Bagman" (L&O 1.6)
Philip Bosco
Gordon Schell; "Happily Ever After" (L&O 1.5)
Dennis Boutsikaris
Dick Berkley; "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" (L&O 1.4)
Sally Boyar
Swersky; "Everybody's Favorite Bagman" (L&O 1.6)
David Brisbin
Dr. Bennett; "Happily Ever After" (L&O 1.5)
Jacqueline Brookes
Judge Grace Larkin; "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" (L&O 1.4)
Ralph Buckley
Bailiff; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)
Gregory Burke
Birthday Boy; "By Hooker, by Crook" (L&O 1.7)