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SVU Stud on Scrubs!
Daniel R. Coleridge, TV Guide, 10.17.03

Will Stephanie March someday return to Law & Order: SVU as ADA Alex Cabot? The actress wanted off the show to pursue other projects, so her character was killed in a drug-related drive-by shooting on Tuesday's episode. But actually, Alex turned up alive in the end, and was shipped off into witness protection. So does that mean the door's open for March to reprise her role later on? Let's ask SVU's leading hunk, Chris Meloni, shall we?
"Wow! You know, for this kind of information... a little money maybe?" Meloni teases. "You gonna cough something up for me?"
Har har. More seriously, he adds: "I don't know anything concrete, and I don't want to speak for anybody. I think Stephanie wanted to try her hand in other waters. Everyone welcomed that, [though] we were very sad about it. I think [executive producer] Dick Wolf always has an aversion to whacking his own people. He gives them a door, not a bullet. Unlike The Sopranos, where you're lucky if you leave with your head on."
In the meantime, Meloni himself is staying put on SVU, though NBC's allowing him to do a bit of moonlighting. He guest stars on Scrubs Oct. 23 as the pediatrician for Dr. Cox's kid. Asked to compare his two characters, he cracks: "Well, one, I run around with a gun and don't smile quite as much. The other, I run around with a stethoscope and smile a lot, with a puppet on my hand. So, I mean, which one's more absurd? You tell me!"
Has Scrubs asked Meloni back for more? "Yeah, they promised me, but I don't trust 'em," he chuckles. "I shamelessly begged, and I got John C. McGinley [who plays Cox] working on it. We bumped heads a lot in front of the camera. It was great. So I fully intend and hope that I do come back."