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Index of Articles
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Fun, Fearless Female: Elisabeth Rohm, Cosmopolitan, April 2004
Orbach Quits "Law & Order" Beat, Lia Haberman, E! Online, 3.26.04
NBC: New Law & Order Franchise Coming Next Season, Daniel Fienberg, Zap2It, 3.3.04

Wolf Points Out Differences in "Law & Order" Franchise, Vanessa Sibbald, Zap2It, 1.10.03
Lawmaker and "Order," New York Daily News, 1.15.03
"Law & Order" Producer Wouldn't Do "The Shield," Bill Brundy, Zap2It, 1.16.03
"Law & Order" Actor Supports Bush, Not Bartlett, Zap2It, 2.28.03
An Evening of Law & Order, Gothamist, 3.10.03
Murphy's Law & Order, Heather Havrilesky, Salon, 3.19.03
"Law & Order" Books 300, Bridget Byrne, Entertainment Weekly, 5.21.03
"Law & Order" to NBC: Pay Up! Bridget Byrne, Entertainment Weekly, 6.2.03
"Law & Order To the Actors' Rescue, Vanessa Grigoriadis, New York Times, 6.15.03
Waterston Reups for More "Law," Josh Greenberg, Entertainment Weekly, 6.27.03
Barnes & Noble Will Publish Dick Wolf's Law & Order: Crime Scenes, Business Wire, 7.24.03
The Rule of Law, Juan Morales, Emmy, July 2003
Legacy Interactive Ships Law & Order II, Legacy Entertainment, 10.1.03

2002 (1)
Officers and Gentlemen, Dennis McCafferty, USA Weekend, 1.27.02
Lone Wolf of Success, Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun, 1.30.02
The Beat Goes On, Andrew Ryan, The Globe and Mail, 2.2.02
Jerry Orbach Restores "Order" to N.Y., Charlie Mason, TV Guide, 2.6.02
TV on the Cheap, James Surowiecki, The New Yorker, 3.4.02
"Law & Order" Won't Apologize to Condit's Wife, USA Today, 3.7.02
Cop Confesses: L&O Steals the Show, Charlie Mason/Daniel R. Coleridge, TV Guide Online, 3.20.02
Brotherhood of the Wolf, Diane K. Shah, Los Angeles Magazine, April 2002
A "Law & Order" Addict Tells All, Molly Haskell, New York Times, 4.7.02
"Law & Order Spinoff Taps Real-Life Cases in San Diego, Charlie McCollum, Mercury News, 6.15.02
"Law & Order": Still an Arresting Drama, David Kronke, Los Angeles Daily News, 7.5.02
The Happy Family of TV Crime, Hal Boedeker, The Orlando Sentinel, 7.26.02
"Law & Order" Still Has Lock on Fans After 12 Seasons, R.D. Heldenfels, Beacon Journal, 7.27.02

2002 (2)
"Law & Order DA Subpoena for Thompson, Nellie Andreeva, The Hollywood Reporter, 8.15.02
Sen. Thompson May Join "Law & Order," Nancy Zuckerbrod, Salon.com, 8.16.02
Fred Thompson, "Law & Order" Senator? Lisa de Moraes, Washington Post, 8.16.02
For N.Y. Actors, "Law & Order" Keeps On Giving, Associated Press, 8.28.02
Fred Thompson Set for "Law & Order" Role, Brian Lowry, Los Angeles Times, 8.28.02
Senator Debuts "Law & Order" Character, CNN/AP, 9.1.02
"Law & Order" Gets A Senator, Josh Greenberg, E! Online, 9.28.02
"Law & Order" Back On the Case for 13th Year, Avis Weathersbee, Chicago Sun-Times, 9.29.02
Law & Disorderly, Noel Holston, Newsday, 10.2.02
"Law & Order" Franchise Flourishes on Three Nights, NBC Entertainment, 10.3.02
Still Not Gagging on "Order"? There Ought to be a "Law," John Levesque, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11.9.02
The Secret Vice of Power Women, Michael Kinsley, Slate, 11.14.02
Plot Ideas Ripped From the Headlines, Gary Levin, USA Today, 12.6.02
Shooting Star, Michael Buckley, TV Guide, 2002
"Law & Order" Saved Yates, Richard Johnson, New York Post, 2002
"Law & Order" Interactive, 2002
"Law & Order" CD-Rom Deserves Favorable Verdict, Gene Emery, Reuters, 11.17.02

Wolf Howls As NBC Yanks "Law & Order" Episode, Mark Armstrong, E! Online, 1.26.01
NBC Apologizes to Latinos for "Law & Order" Episode, Lynn Elber, AP, 1.28.01
Writers Attack "Law & Order," Emily Farache, E! Online, 2.9.01
Harmon Leaving "Law & Order," Emily Farache, E! Online, 4.10.01
"Law" in Disorder, Mark Harris, Entertainment Weekly, 4.11.01
Law Not On Her Side, Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun, 4.12.01
"Law & Order" Hires Harmon Replacement, Jam! TV, 4.23.01
New Hire for "Law & Order," Emily Farache, E! Online, 4.23.01
"Law & Order," "Law & Order: SVU," Steve Martini's The Judge," Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 5.4.01
"Law": A Series of Orderly Transitions, USA Today, 5.23.01
"Law & Order" Getting Virtual Ads? Mark Armstrong, E! Online, 5.23.01
Rohm's Harmon-ious Transition, Michael Ausiello, TV Guide, 5.30.01
"Law & Order" Gal's Anti-"Angel" Bias, Michael Ausiello, TV Guide, 6.12.01
"Law & Order" Actor: Politics Cost Role, USA Today, 7.5.01
Rohm Talks "Law & Order," Vanessa Sibbold, Zap2It, 7.19.01
"Law & Order" Will Thicken Plots With Current Events, Bill Keveney, USA Today, 7.26.01
Order Restored to Harmon's Life, Michael Ausiello, TV Guide, 9.11.01
"Law & Order" Terrorist Mini-series Cancelled, Jam! TV, 9.18.01
"Order" Patrol, Entertainment Weekly, 10.17.01
Law & Disorder, Robert Wilonsky, The Dallas Observer, 2001

"Law's" Long Legs Perk NBC, Tom Bierbaum, Variety, 1.10.00
Ripped From Our Headlines? Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun, 2.11.00
Law & Ardor, Jeffrey Zazlow, USA Weekend, 3.19.00
Producer Describes "Grinding" Work Behind "Law & Order," JinAh Lee, Yale Bulletin & Calendar, 4.21.00
Peacock High Five Takes "Law" to 2005, Joseph Adalian, Variety, 4.27.00
"Law" Ordered Back for More, Emily Farache, E! Online, 4.27.00
"Law & Order" Junkies -- Here's Your Fix, Tralee Pearce, The Globe and Mail, 5.6.00
"Law & Order" Has Longevity, Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun, 5.10.00
Diane Wiest Joins "Law & Order," Jam! TV, 6.14.00
New Law on "Law & Order," Emily Farache, E! Online, 7.13.00
Auteurs Join Wolf Gang, Melissa Grego, Variety, 7.17.00
Another Crime Perpetrated on "Law & Order," Marvin Kitman, CNN, 8.2.00
Orbach Gets First Emmy Nod for "Law & Order," Bill Tush, CNN, 9.6.00
The Law & Order of Producer Dick Wolf, Frazier Moore, AP, 9.25.00
Ex-"Law & Order" Actor Appears in Court, Jam! TV, 12.7.00

"Law & Order Comes to TNT in 10-Year Deal, Linda Moss, Multichannel News, 1.11.99
Politics & Order, Tyler McLeod, Calgary Sun, 1.30.99
Next Up on Law & Order: Julia Roberts, Claire Bickley, Toronto Sun, 3.19.99
Keeping Law & Order on the NYC Streets, Linda Marshall-Smith, Location Updates Magazine, April 1999
Bratt Latest "Law & Order" Departure, Marcus Errico, E! Online, 4.30.99
"Order" Form, Bruce Fretts, Entertainment Weekly, 5.6.99
Jesse Lays Down the Law, Stephanie Williams, TV Guide, 10.30.99
The Long Arm of the Law, Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly, 11.12.99
The Young Gun Behind L&O's Loose Cannon, Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 11.12.99
"Law & Order" Star Hopes for a Miracle Cure, Don Kaplan, New York Post, 1999
Old Faithful, Scott Leibs, TV Guide, 1999
TNT Snags "Law & Order" Rights, Richard Katz, Variety, 1999

Emmy Countdown: "Law & Order" Hopes to Repeat, CNN, 9.11.98
Murder He Wrote, Allan Johnson, Tribune, 11.3.98
Guilty As Charged, Virginia Rohan, The (Bergen, NJ) Record, 11.4.98
Chris Noth Returns to "Law"-Abiding Role, Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11.8.98
Chris Noth's "Law and Order" Character Is "Exiled" in NBC Movie, Jay Bobbin, Tribune Media Services, 1998
NBC's Venerable "Law & Order" Will Get At Least One New Face, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1998
Exiled: A Clash of Wills On Both Sides of the Camera, Suzanne Gill, TVData, 1998


Sam Waterston: The Real McCoy, Linda Peterson, A&E Monthly, August 1995
A Creative "Law" Case, Verna Gay, Newsday, 1995
Bond Girl to Shake Up Law & Order, Neal Watson, Edmonton Sun, 8.21.96
Ejection Overruled, Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 1996

Law & Order, Crime & Punishment, Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 2.26.93
Playing It Anew, Sam, Verna Gay, Newsday, 9.21.94
Waterston Spices Up Roles Made to "Order," Alan Bash, USA Today, 9.28.94

 Producing Excellence, Produced by Online (Interview with Dick Wolf), Fall 2000

 "Law & Order" Star to Speak at UW-L About Diversity, Geri Parlin, La Crosse Tribune, 3.1.04
Thirst for Ice-T Quenched on New "SVU," Daniel Fienberg, Zap2It, 3.1.04
Cool As Ice, The Washington Times, 3.2.04
 "Law & Order" Babe Returning? Michael Ausiello, TV Guide, 3.5.04

"SVU" Stud on "Scrubs," Daniel R. Coleridge, TV Guide, 10.17.03

Why SVU Makes Mariska Sick, Charlie Mason, TV Guide, 2.8.02
The Sex Files, Michael Buckley, TV Guide, April 2002
Isn't That Special, Bruce Fretts, Entertainment Weekly, 5.3.02
Arresting Development, Shawna Malcom, TV Guide, 8.17.02
Real Life Overwhelms Fiction for "SVU" Producer, Todd Leopold, SNN, 9.9.02
"Tucson" Star Does Drama in "Law & Order: SVU," Kate O'Hare, Zap2It, 10.31.02
The Oz/Law & Order Connection, TV Guide, 11.5.02
March Checks Out of SVU, Zap2It, 12.17.02
Sex and the Gritty, Michael Buckley, TV Guide

A Rising Texas Star, Candace Cooksey Fulton, San Angelo Standard-Times, 3.11.01
Carrie's Mother on "Law & Order: SVU," Damon Romine, TV Guide, 11.2.01
"Special" Delivery, Michael Buckley, TV Guide, October 2001
Shrink Rap, Michael Buckley, TV Guide, December 2001

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Steven Isaac, Plugged In, July 2000

Made to "Order," Liane Bonin, Entertainment Weekly, 9.20.99
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Review), Phil Gallo, Variety, 9.20.99
Crimes of Passion, Pat. St. Germain, Winnipeg Sun, 9.20.99
Laws & Organs, Claire Bickley, Toronto Sun, 9.20.99
Mariska Hargitay TV Guide Online Interview, 10.11.99
"Special Victims Unit" Puts A Dark Twist on "Law & Order," Bill Tush, CNN, 10.12.99
Busted! Joyce Millman, Salon.com, 10.18.99

"Criminal Intent" Likely Last Series for Star, Bill Brundy, Zap2It, 2.6.03

Vincent Intent on More Family Time, Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun, 1.11.02
"Family Ties" Dad Turns "Criminal," Daniel R. Coleridge, TV Guide, 1.11.02
"Law & Order" Opens a New Franchise, Verne Gay, Newsday, 1.31.02
Exercising A Genius for Shaking Loose the Truth, Steve Vineberg, New York Times, 3.1.02
Vincent D'Onofrio Explores Acting Monogamy, Kate O'Hare, Zap2It, 8.5.02
NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Becomes Triple Threat, NBC Entertainment, 8.2.02
"Criminal Intent" Intercepts A Weekly Win for NBC, NBC Entertainment, 8.20.02

Criminal Mind, Kevin Williamson, Calgary Sun, 7.26.01
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Bruce Fretts, Entertainment Weekly, 9.8.01
"Criminal Intent: Cop Drama's Winning Formula, Tom Shales, Washington Post, 9.29.01
A Clear "Intent," Tiom Clodfelter, Winston-Salem Journal, 9.29.01
"Criminal Intent" Is Next In A Series of Successes, Tom Jicha, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 10.1.01
The Law Glut, Matt Roush, TV Guide, 10.8.01
"Law & Order's" Third Version Shows D'Onofrio's Evolution, David Mason, Chicago News, 11.30,01
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Chris Dahlen, Save the Robot
"Law & Order" Spinoff Is Third, Associated Press, 2001

Third "Law & Order" Series in Works, Jam! TV, 9.6.00
NBC Wants More "Law & Order," Emily Farache, E! Online, 9.6.00
Dick Wolf, Studios USA and NBC Sign Deal for "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," NBC Entertainment, 11.8.00